Mom’s Specialty Mustards are here! Eight delicious flavors to liven up everything you eat. We are offering 4.5 oz. and 7.5 oz jars in three quantity combinations, and prices include shipping. Save when you buy more! Mom’s Specialty Mustards also make the perfect gift for any occasion: holidays, housewarmings, birthdays, thank you gifts or just because you want to make someone happy. Share the love!

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Eight Varieties to Choose From

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Our original Fine Gold mustard offers a combination of hot and sweet qualities creating a smooth, savory character. This variety adds pizzazz to anything it is served with and is a definite family favorite liked by all ages.

A mild yet tangy mustard filled with a light citrus essence, enhanced with a perfect hint of dill. We recommend Lemon Dill served with chicken or fish as a complimentary sauce or marinade.

Garlic lovers, this one is for you. We roast the garlic right in the mustard creating a full, robust taste. Guaranteed to please your strongest garlic craving. Serve with beef or pork roasts, or a great flavor boost to dips and deviled eggs.

This variety has been a surprising favorite for many people! Fresh cranberries and oranges burst into a zesty, unforgettable flavor. Try it served with turkey and ham. Mix it as a dip for fruit, a spread for bagels or create an ultimate turkey sandwich.

The sweetness of pineapple combined with a hint of cilantro creates a refreshing and light mustard. Tangy and sweet flavors compliment any pork dish, liven up a chicken salad and make a perfect dipping sauce for finger foods.

A subtle taste of ginger balanced with a kick of wasabi delivers a smooth yet complex character. Indulge yourself with this mouth-watering treat! Ginger Wasabi is perfect with seafood, pork, chicken and egg rolls.

If you like it hot, it's time to fuel your cravings! Hot Mama's fiery taste is packed with intense peppery flavors. This bold variety will spice up any of your favorite foods.

Ignite your taste buds with a powerful taste explosion! This is our hottest variety yet. Spark your appetite with this flavor sensation by serving Red Hot Mama with pork and seeds or any foods that call for extra heat.

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