Nutrition and Life Balance

You may embark on a new fitness routine this year. If it includes changing what you are eating, remember to fuel your body well. Starving yourself or whittling your food intake down to a small fraction of what your normal intake has been, may not allow you to implement a new physical activity plan. A balance of food and exercise can be the key for a successful 2018 plan to get healthy, feel better and experience new outdoor activities or indoor exercise classes!

Don’t forget your complex carbohydrates! They provide the initial energy needed and aid in the slow burning fuel needed along with important protein and fats. Carbs, Protein and fats in balance will sustain your appetite and your body’s ability to maintain a constant level of energy.

Simple carbs from sugary beverages and snacks may be easy and tasty, but could leave you feeling short on the energy needed for life’s adventures!

I personally have tried the ‘diet and exercise’ route too many times in the past. Where my diet intake is not adequate for my planned exercise activities. For me, No Balance = No Success. I found myself short on patience, zeal and the energy needed to sustain my intentions.

You wont be surprised to read that the Backcountry Bar is a great source of Complex Carbohydrates, Protein and Fats. It is easy to pack with you, ready to eat, and fuel your day!

Love your lifestyle and challenge your fitness this year!

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Let’s move into this year with zeal and energy!

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